Class: cWebAppSessionDataDictionary

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DataDictionary class for the web application session table (WebAppSession) used by the "standard" web application session manager class (cWebSessionManagerStandard)



Library: Web Application Class Library

Package: cWebAppSessionDataDictionary.dd


When you create a new web application project in the Studio, the resulting WebApp.src project file contains a session manager object based on the cWebSessionManagerStandard class. This session manager, in turn, creates a cWebAppSessionDataDictionary object to manage session data in the WebAppSession table.

The WebAppSession table is used to record important information about a client's session, including:
- Session ID,
- The logged in user associated with the session,
- Client's remote address,
- Whether or not the session is considered active,
- Time and date of the last access,
- Number of calls received by this session.

Since an object of this class is already created via the cWebSessionManagerStandard class, you would not normally need to create your own cWebAppSessionDataDictionary object.

For more information refer to: Session Management, cWebSessionManagerStandard, cWebAppUserDataDictionary.