DoGetHtmlFormValue - cWebAspClassicObject

Obtains the value of any posted HTML form value

Type: Function

Return Data Type: String

Parameters: String sFormName

sFormNameThe name of the HTML form to access

Return Value

Function DoGetHtmlFormValue String sFormName Returns String

Call: Get DoGetHtmlFormValue sFormName to StringVariable


DoGetHtmlFormValue can be used to obtain the value of any posted HTML form value. The value from the input form named sFormName will be returned as a string. For example, a report might use this to obtain the selection parameters from the posted HTML file.


This example assumes that the HTML data was posted from forms named Sel_Ge_CUSTNR and Sel_Le_CUSTNR as follows:

Procedure SetQuerySelections
    string sLow sHigh
    handle hoDD

    Get Main_DD to hoDD
    Get DoGetHTMLFormValue "Sel_Ge_Custnr" to sLow
    Get DoGetHTMLFormValue "Sel_Le_Custnr" to sHigh
    Set pStartCUSTNR of hoDD to sLow
    Set pStopCUSTNR of hoDD to sHigh

Procedure MyProcess Integer iParam String sParam
    integer iServer#
    string sText
    handle hoDD

    Get Main_DD to hoDD
    Send SetQuerySelections
    Send Rebuild_Constraints of hoDD

<td align="right"><em>Select Custnr From</em></td>
<td><input type="text" size="13" name="Sel_Ge_Custnr"></td>
<td align="right"><em>Select Custnr To</em></td>
<td><input type="text" size="13" name="Sel_Le_Custnr"></td> 

To retrieve variable values see DoGetHtmlQueryString.

DataFlex Code

Get DoGetHTMLFormValue "Selection_Start" to sStartVal