Class: cWebAspClassicObject

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Creates ASP-Style Web Component objects



Library: Web Application Class Library

Package: cWebAspClassicObject.pkg

Mixins: cCallInterfaceHelper_mixin


cWebAspClassicObject is used to create component objects that can use ASP (Active Server Pages) server resources. These are used if your application specifically needs to work with ASP. Normally, this is not needed as the Web Application framework does not rely on ASP. In other words, web views, web services and http handlers don't use ASP.

The cWebAspClassicObject class is used to create ASP Web Browser objects. They contain complete stand-alone and independent data-entry units that may include their own DDO structure. The interfaces available in this class allow you to retrieve or send data from your ASP page. Methods within this object can be created and then published making them available to your ASP script. These methods can use the data passed into them. In additions, interfaces are provided that allows you to access other ASP request data (e.g., DoGetHtmlFormValue, DoGetHtmlQueryString). The methods can return data, which the ASP script can use as needed. Interfaces are provided that allows you to send data directly to your response page (e.g., WriteHtml). The methods are published by using the RegisterInterface message. They can be published within the Studio


Use cWebAspClassicObject.pkg
Use DataDict.pkg


Object oHelloWBO is a cWebAspClassicObject

    Object Customer_DD is a Customer_DataDictionary
        Send DefineAllExtendedFields
    End_Object    // Customer_DD

    Set Main_DD to Customer_DD

    Function HelloAgain string sFirst string sLast returns string
        string sReply
        Move ("Hello again," * sFirst * sLast - ", here we are again") to sReply
        Function_Return sReply

    Send RegisterInterface get_HelloAgain "get_HelloAgain" "string sFirst string sLast Returns string" ""

Legacy Note

Prior to DataFlex 19.1, the cWebBusinessProcess class was used to create various business process components. This class is now obsolete. While it still works, it is no longer documented and can probably be replaced with a better class. If your cWebBusinessProcess class does not use any ASP resources, you should use the cWebComponent class. If your cWebBusinessProcess class uses low level ASP resources, you should use the cWebASPClassicObject class. If your cWebBusinessProcess object is part of a legacy, pre-framework, web application you can continue to use cWebBusinessProcess objects and refer to older versions of DataFlex for documentation.