ShowInfoBalloon - cWebBaseControl

Displays an information balloon

Type: Procedure

Parameters: String sCssClass String sText Boolean bOptShow

sCssClass(Optional) CSS class to use for the balloon
sTextText to display in the balloon
bOptShowIf True, the info balloon will show immediately; if False, it will show when the control is hovered over with the mouse

Procedure ShowInfoBalloon String sCssClass String sText Boolean bOptShow

Call: Send ShowInfoBalloon sCssClass sText bOptShow


It is possible to show information balloons next to a control using the ShowInfoBalloon procedure. The HideInfoBalloon procedure can be used to hide the balloon. The balloon will be visible for a few seconds and show up again when the control is hovered with the mouse.

Object oWebButton1 is a cWebButton
    Set piColumnSpan to 1
    Set psCaption to "?"

    Procedure OnClick
        Send ShowInfoBalloon "" "Hello Users!<br><br>Clicking this button showed this balloon!"

The example above shows how to show an information balloon at a simple button resulting in the image below. Note that HTML can be used as the content of the balloon.

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