OnAutoFind - cWebBaseDEO

Sent by the client to perform an autofind

Type: Event

Parameters: None

Procedure OnAutoFind 


The OnAutoFind event is normally sent from the client, as needed, to perform an autofind. OnAutoFind performs an autofind if the data entry object (DEO) is bound to a DataDictionary (DD) column that supports autofinding (the DD field option DD_AutoFind or DD_AutoFind_GE is set).

Normally, the need for an autofind is determined automatically. Since this event involves a client/server round trip, you want to avoid doing this unless it is needed. The pbServerOnAutoFind property determines if the client should send this event. During initialization, the DEO will set pbServerOnAutoFind to True if the DEO's DD field supports autofind.

If you wish to explicitly control this, you can set pbServerOnAutoFind to True or False within your object. You should rarely need to do this.