OnSetCalculatedValue - cWebBaseDEO

Hook for calculated value DEOs

Type: Event

Parameters: String ByRef sValue

sValue (ByRef)Value which this event should fill with the calculated value.

Procedure OnSetCalculatedValue String ByRef sValue


If there is no data binding (no Entry_Item command) but the data entry object (DEO) is served by a DataDictionary object (DDO) Server, then the DEO is a calculated value. The initial data is filled by sending the OnSetCalculatedValue event.

This is fired whenever the DDO performs a Find, Clear or Delete operation.


This sample shows a non-data-aware cWebColumn where OnSetCalculatedValue is used to format and display a value dynamically.

Object oCalculated is a cWebColumn
    Set piWidth to 96
    Set psCaption to "Calc"
    Set pbEnabled to False
    // The OnSetCalculatedValue procedure can be used on any data entry object (DEO)
    Procedure OnSetCalculatedValue String ByRef sValue
        Move ("$" + String(Customer.Credit_Limit)) to sValue