pbServerOnValidate - cWebBaseDEO

Determines whether the OnValidate event is sent to the server when the control loses the focus

Type: Property (Web Property)

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Integer

Parameters: None

 { WebProperty=Client }
 Property Integer pbServerOnValidate

Web Property Read Access: WebGet pbServerOnValidate to IntegerVariable
Web Property Write Access: WebSet pbServerOnValidate to IntegerVariable/Value

Read Access: Get pbServerOnValidate to IntegerVariable
Write Access: Set pbServerOnValidate to IntegerVariable/Value


Set pbServerOnValidate to True to determine whether the OnValidate event will be sent to the server. The OnValidate event can be used to validate the control's psValue property when the control loses the focus. If OnValidate returns False, then the server will instruct the client to move the focus back to that control.

Valid values are True, False and C_WebDefault.

If the control has a data binding (Entry_Item) and is set to C_WebDefault, this property will be automatically set to True if the corresponding DataDictionary's Field_Validate_msg property is set. You may explicitly set pbServerOnValidate to True or False to override the data dictionary setting.

When pbServerOnValidate is set to True, OnValidate will be sent to the object regardless of whether it has a data binding.

Note: To avoid the inherent latency of server calls, you may wish to implement validation using a JavaScript client-side event (psClientOnValidate).

About Web Properties
Each web property maintains two values: The regular property value is set during object creation and should not be changed during the lifetime of that object. To access that value, use the standard property Get and Set syntax.
The web property value is the local value stored at each client. This is synchronized to the client's local value whenever a server call is being processed. To access the web property value, use the WebGet and WebSet syntax above instead of the standard Get and Set syntax.