SaveClearCancelConfirmation - cWebBaseDEOServer

Default save, clear, cancel Yes/No/Cancel confirmation message

Type: Procedure

Parameters: Handle hmCallBack

hmCallBackHandle of callback message to use

Procedure SaveClearCancelConfirmation Handle hmCallBack

Call: Send SaveClearCancelConfirmation hmCallBack


This message is used by the view's Verify_SaveClearCancel_msg property to determine the default message to display for a view when the user navigates away from it in such a way that unsaved changes in that view will be lost.

It will pop up a "Yes/No/Cancel" dialog on the client with a "save changes before closing?" message. When the user selects one of the 3 options, a callback message is sent to the view to perform the appropriate action. See Verify_SaveClearCancel_msg for more information about the callback message.

In a mobile/touch web application that uses the drill down "navigation" interface (peWebViewStyle = wvsDrillDown), there are several types of default data loss messages that can be displayed, in addition to this one. Which message will be displayed can be controlled dynamically for each view by setting peChangedViewExitAction.

Normally, you do not need to do anything with the SaveClearCancelConfirmation message since it is automatically assigned to the cWebView object's Verify_SaveClearCancel_msg property.

You can turn off the confirmation by setting it to 0.


This sample shows how to create a custom SaveClearCancelConfirmation that is identical to the default class SaveClearCancelConfirmation, with different text.

Procedure SaveClearCancelConfirmation Handle hmCallBack
    Send ShowYesNoCancel (Self) hmCallBack " Not so fast.we've gotten changes to save or clear"  C_$Confirm 

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