Server - cWebBaseDEOServer

Returns the object id of the database agent of this object

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Integer

Parameters: None

 Property Integer Server

Read Access: Get Server to IntegerVariable
Write Access: Set Server to IntegerVariable/Value


Querying this Property

This function returns the object id of the database agent (DataDictionary Object (DDO)) of this object, or 0. If this object's Server is 0, this object's parent's Server is returned, if any.

Used to allow nested data-entry objects to use the database agent defined by their parent object.

Setting this Property

Sets the value of the Server property of this object, notifying child-objects of the change, and destroying and creating connections with database agents, as required. An exception is that if the Server of this object is changed while this object is inactive, no notification of child-objects is required or performed.

This object must understand Active_State.

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