Verify_Data_Loss_msg - cWebBaseDEOServer

Specifies the message to use for data loss confirmation

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Handle

Parameters: None

 Property Handle Verify_Data_Loss_msg

Read Access: Get Verify_Data_Loss_msg to HandleVariable
Write Access: Set Verify_Data_Loss_msg to HandleVariable/Value


Specifies the message to use for data loss confirmation.

The default value is DataLossConfirmation.


This sample sets data loss confirmation to the default data loss confirmation message.

Set Verify_Data_Loss_Msg to (RefProc(DataLossConfirmation))


This sample turns off the data loss confirmation.

Set Verify_Data_Loss_msg to 0


This sample sets the data loss confirmation to a custom data loss confirmation message.

Procedure MyDataLossConfirmation Handle hmCallBack
    Send ShowYesNo (Self) hmCallBack "Really Lose Edited Data?" "Data Loss Confirmation"

Set Verify_Data_Loss_Msg to (RefProc(MyDataLossConfirmation))

If you want to change the value of this property from it's class-level default value (for example, to make a particular view not clear after a save), you have to set this property in a data entry object (DEO) or data-aware container (e.g. cWebView) that has an explicit 'Set Server' statement, or the property value will not be used.