pbClearAfterSave - cWebBaseDEOServer

Determines whether DDOs and DEOs clear after a successful save

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Boolean

Parameters: None

 Property Boolean pbClearAfterSave

Read Access: Get pbClearAfterSave to BooleanVariable
Write Access: Set pbClearAfterSave to BooleanVariable/Value


If True, it forces a DataDictionary Object (DDO) to send Request_Clear after performing a Request_Save. This property is reached via delegation from the data entry object (DEO) that processes the RequestSave operation. Thus, this property will control the behavior for all DEOs belonging to this view.

In mobile/drilldown style web applications (peApplicationStyle is set to wvsDrillDown), pbClearAfterSave is set to False as default (in End_Construct_Object). You can override this default value in OnCustomizeWebViewStyle.

If you set this to False and don't close a cWebView after saving, you probably want to send ChangeEditMode False from OnViewSaved, so that after a save, edit mode is disabled again until the user endables it again.

Procedure OnViewSaved Handle hoServer Boolean bChanged
    // re-disable edit mode
    Send ChangeEditMode False