Events for cWebBaseForm

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OnInputHook that is called after every user change of the form value
OnKeyHook that is called for each key press in the form

Inherited Events from cWebBaseDEO

AllowFillDEOCalled to determine if filling the DEO with data is allowed
AllowUpdateDDCalled to determine if the DEO has permission to update the Data Dictionary with new value(s)
OnAutoFindSent by the client to perform an autofind
OnChangeCalled when the contents of the control change
OnSetCalculatedValueHook for calculated value DEOs
OnValidateFired to validate control data
Prompt_CallbackSends a callback event to an object that requested a prompt object
RefreshEvent sent from a DataDictionary object, which is used to synchronize the object's data with the DDO

Inherited Events from cWebBaseControl

OnBlurFires when a control loses the focus
OnFocusFires when a control gains the focus

Inherited Events from cWebBaseUIObject

AllowServerActionProvides a basic hook for controlling server actions based on user rights
OnCloseModalDialogSent by a modal dialog to its invoking object when the dialog closes

Inherited Events from cWebObject

OnCallEndCalled at the end of a webapp client call
OnGetNavigateBackDataCalled during a NavigateClose operation, used to pass data back for a non-relational lookup in a mobile web application (drilldown interface)
OnGetNavigateForwardDataCan be used by the developer to customize the data in tWebNavigateData during forward navigation in a mobile web application (drilldown interface)
OnLoadCalled for each cWebObject during LoadView or LoadWebApp
OnNavigateBackSent to the object that invoked the view that is being closed in a mobile web application (drilldown interface)

Inherited Events from cObject

Construct_ObjectObject constructor. Initializes the object during object creation in class definitions
Destroy_ObjectSent when an object is about to be destroyed
End_Construct_ObjectEnd of object constructor.