peBreadcrumbStyle - cWebBreadcrumb

Sets the visual and functional style of the breadcrumb

Type: Property (Web Property)

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Integer

Parameters: None

 { WebProperty=Client }
 Property Integer peBreadcrumbStyle

Web Property Read Access: WebGet peBreadcrumbStyle to IntegerVariable
Web Property Write Access: WebSet peBreadcrumbStyle to IntegerVariable/Value

Read Access: Get peBreadcrumbStyle to IntegerVariable
Write Access: Set peBreadcrumbStyle to IntegerVariable/Value


Breadcrumb objects can be configured into three distinct styles: Horizontal, Dropdown or Caption

Set peBreadcrumbStyle to configure the breadcrumb style. Valid values are:

crumbHorizontalThis is a classic left-to-right breadcrumb trail where the root view is the leftmost crumb and the current view is the rightmost.
crumbDropDownThis is a more compact version of the breadcrumb. In this style, only the current view is shown as a header caption with a dropdown arrow. Clicking the arrow will drop down a list showing the full history of views in the breadcrumb trail. This style is more suitable when the web application is run on a mobile device with a small screen.
crumbCaptionWith this style only the caption of the current view is shown. The breadcrumb cannot display the history of views in the breadcrumb trail. This style is used to simply display a title for the currently displayed view.

About Web Properties
Each web property maintains two values: The regular property value is set during object creation and should not be changed during the lifetime of that object. To access that value, use the standard property Get and Set syntax.
The web property value is the local value stored at each client. This is synchronized to the client's local value whenever a server call is being processed. To access the web property value, use the WebGet and WebSet syntax above instead of the standard Get and Set syntax.
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