piDefaultIndex - cWebColumn

Index to use when sorting the grid by this colum

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Integer

Parameters: None

 Property Integer piDefaultIndex

Read Access: Get piDefaultIndex to IntegerVariable
Write Access: Set piDefaultIndex to IntegerVariable/Value


Index to use when sorting the grid by this column, if peDbGridType is set to gtAutomatic.

If peDbGridType is gtAllData or gtManual, this property is ignored.

If the grid is relates-to constrained to a parent, this property is ignored as this will not be an efficient index.

Each column's piDefaultIndex value is determined when your view is initialized.

Do not set the property. If you wish to change the index being used by a column, augment IndexOrder.

The cWebList piSortColumn determines which column is being sorted.

Controlling Index Order

When working with data-aware lists, follow these guidelines for controlling index order:

1. Use piSortColumn to control index order

2. Always set an initial piSortColumn value

3. If you need to further control index order, augment the IndexOrder function

4. Do not set these properties:

See Indexes and Ordering with Data Aware cWebLists for a more complete description of this process.