OnClick - cWebColumnButton

Triggered when the user clicks on a button in the column

Type: Event

Parameters: String sButton String sRowId

sButtonName of the clicked button (for multiple buttons)
sRowIDRowId of the clicked list/grid row

Procedure OnClick String sButton String sRowId


The OnClick event is sent to the server when the column's pbServerOnClick property is True and the user clicks on one of the column's buttons.

There are two parameters passed to this event:

- The sButton parameter is a unique name of the button. When the column supports multiple-dynamic buttons (pbDynamic = True), then you can use the sButton parameter to identify which button in the row was clicked. If the column only supports one static button (pbDynamic = False), then this parameter can be ignored. The button name is the name it is assigned when calling the AddButton method.

- The sRowID parameter is the unique row identifier of the row that was clicked.


// Shows the customer dialog passingthe customer RowId.
Procedure ShowCustomer String sRowID
    Send PopupCustomerDialog of oDemoCustomerDialog sRowID

Object oSingleBtnCol is a cWebColumnButton
    Set piWidth to 35
    Set psCaption to ""
    Set psButtonCaption to "Edit"
    Set pbRender to False
    Procedure OnClick String sButton String sRowId
        Send ShowCustomer sRowId

When working with manually loaded lists, you may need access to the full set of list data. You can call ProcessDataSet to do so.

DeserializeRowId deserializes a RowId string into a RowId type and SerializeRowId serializes a RowId type to a string.

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