Class: cWebComponent

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A basic DDO container for helper web component objects



Library: Web Application Class Library

Package: cWebComponent.pkg


The cWebComponent is a container that supports DDO (DataDictionary Object) structures, web error handling, web event logging and some basic HTTP header access. It can be used to create your own specialized class and object web "process" components. Web applications often require helper process components. Unlike a primary web application component, these components are not tasked to handle a complete request, instead they help a primary web component such as a cWebView or cWebHttpHandler handle the request. These objects process messages sent to it by other primary web components. These objects contain code that handles custom data processing.

A typical use of this class would be to create an object that contains a DDO structure, sets a main-DDO (Main_DD), and provides a custom metod interface that executes a process. This interface would be called by some other component such as a cWebView, cWebService or cWebHttpHandler. As part of processing you can log errors and events (LogErrorEvent, LogEvent). You can query and set HTTP header information (ServerVariable, AddHttpResponseHeader, SetCookie, GetCookie).

These components should be reside in their own file and are typically placed inside of your main oWebApp object. You can do this from the Studio's Create New dialog by selecting "Web Component Object". These components are categorized within the Studio's Workspace Explorer as "Web Components"

Legacy Note

Prior to DataFlex 19.1, the cWebBusinessProcess class was used to create various business process components. This class is now obsolete. While it still works, it is no longer documented and can probably be replaced with a better class. If your cWebBusinessProcess class does not use any ASP resources, you should use the cWebComponent class. If your cWebBusinessProcess class uses low level ASP resources, you should use the cWebASPClassicObject class. If your cWebBusinessProcess object is part of a legacy, pre-framework, web application you can continue to use cWebBusinessProcess objects and refer to older versions of DataFlex for documentation.