psContextValue - cWebContextMenu

Contains data retrieved by the current context value during OnClick event

Type: Property (Web Property)

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: String

Parameters: None

 { WebProperty=Client }
 Property String psContextValue

Web Property Read Access: WebGet psContextValue to StringVariable
Web Property Write Access: WebSet psContextValue to StringVariable/Value

Read Access: Get psContextValue to StringVariable
Write Access: Set psContextValue to StringVariable/Value


Contains data retrieved by the current context value during OnClick event.

For cWebList, cWebMultiSelectList, cWebTagsForm, and cWebTreeView; the RowId (String) is put into the psContextValue.

By using a String, custom WebControls can provide their own data like for example serialized objects in json format. A developer can use this data however them wants.

If the context is set to custom, psContextValue contains the control name of the clicked on control (or its owned scope) after it opens.

See peContext for more information.

About Web Properties
Each web property maintains two values: The regular property value is set during object creation and should not be changed during the lifetime of that object. To access that value, use the standard property Get and Set syntax.
The web property value is the local value stored at each client. This is synchronized to the client's local value whenever a server call is being processed. To access the web property value, use the WebGet and WebSet syntax above instead of the standard Get and Set syntax.