Events for cWebDragDropFileHelper

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OnFileDropCalled for each file dropped on the control
OnFileFinishedTriggered once for each file that is uploaded
OnFileUploadHook to initialize the upload providing the target path for uploaded files
OnUploadFinishedTriggered when the entire upload process is completed

Inherited Events from cWebDragDropHelper

OnDropCalled whenever a valid drop is executed on the client

Inherited Events from cWebObject

AllowServerActionProvides a basic hook for controlling server actions based on user rights
OnCallEndCalled at the end of a webapp client call
OnGetNavigateBackDataCalled during a NavigateClose operation, used to pass data back for a non-relational lookup in a mobile web application (drilldown interface)
OnGetNavigateForwardDataCan be used by the developer to customize the data in tWebNavigateData during forward navigation in a mobile web application (drilldown interface)
OnLoadCalled for each cWebObject during LoadView or LoadWebApp
OnNavigateBackSent to the object that invoked the view that is being closed in a mobile web application (drilldown interface)

Inherited Events from cObject

Construct_ObjectObject constructor. Initializes the object during object creation in class definitions
Destroy_ObjectSent when an object is about to be destroyed
End_Construct_ObjectEnd of object constructor.