Class: cWebDragDropFileHelper

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Adds file drag and drop fuctionality to web controls



Library: Web Application Class Library

Package: cWebDragDropFileHelper.pkg

Mixins: cWebFileUploadMixin


Adds file drag and drop fuctionality to web controls.

Drag Actions

The following classes support elements being dragged for specific actions using the following constants:

cWebList: C_WebDragListRow
cWebTreeView: C_WebDragTreeviewFolder, C_WebDragTreeviewItem
cWebTagsForm: C_WebDragTagsFormTag

Attempting to add an unsupported drag action to a control will result in an Error.

Drop Actions

Every web control, including containers like cWebPanel or cWebGroup, supports the C_WebDropOnControl action. This allows the entire control to function as a drop zone.

The following classes support elements being dropped onto for specific actions using the following constants:

All web controls: C_WebDropOnControl
cWebList: C_WebDropListRow
cWebTreeView: C_WebDropTreeviewRoot, C_WebDropTreeviewFolder, C_WebDropTreeviewItem
cWebTagsForm: C_WebDropTagsFormInput

File Dropping

To enable dropping of files onto a control, add a cWebDragDropFileHelper object to your view. The cWebDragDropFileHelper class has all the functionality of the cWebDragDropHelper, but also supports dropping files onto controls registered as a Drop Target.

Any Drop Target added in a cWebDragDropFileHelper object will automatically accept files as a valid Drag Source. When dropping a file, the potential target controls and areas are dictated by how you set up your DropTargets.


For example, the code below adds the oSortedCustomers TreeView as a target, but only allows files to be dropped on Folder nodes.

Object oFileDropHelper is a cWebDragDropFileHelper
    Send RegisterDropTarget oTreeViewFiles C_WebDropTreeviewFolder

You can add your own business logic to be executed when a file drop happens (before the upload) by implementing the OnFileDrop event.


In the example below, the OnFileDrop uses the drop data provided to extract the folder to upload the dropped filed to, and returns this.

Function OnFileDrop String sFileName Integer iBytes String sMime Handle hoDropTarget WebDropPosition eDropPosition Returns String
    String sPath
    tWebTreeViewDropData oDropData
    Get DropData of hoDropTarget to oDropData
    Get UploadFolder of ghoWebApp True to sPath
    Move (sPath + "/DragDropDemo/" + + "/" + sFileName) to sPath
    Function_Return sPath

Procedure OnFileFinished String sFileName String sLocalPath
    Forward Send OnFileFinished sFileName sLocalPath
    Send FullRefresh of oTreeViewFiles