RegisterDropTarget - cWebDragDropHelper

Adds a control to the list of drop targets for this helper

Type: Procedure

Parameters: Handle hoObj WebDropAction eAction

hoObjThe control to add
eActionDrop action for this control to support

Procedure RegisterDropTarget Handle hoObj WebDropAction eAction

Call: Send RegisterDropTarget hoObj eAction


Adds a control to the list of drop targets for this helper.

The same control can be added multiple times to support additional actions.

Drop Actions

Every web control, including containers like cWebPanel or cWebGroup, supports the C_WebDropOnControl action. This allows the entire control to function as a drop zone.

The following classes support elements being dropped onto for specific actions using the following constants:

All web controls: C_WebDropOnControl
cWebList: C_WebDropListRow
cWebTreeView: C_WebDropTreeviewRoot, C_WebDropTreeviewFolder, C_WebDropTreeviewItem
cWebTagsForm: C_WebDropTagsFormInput