Class: cWebGroup

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The Web Framework group control



Library: Web Application Class Library

Package: cWebGroup.pkg

Mixins: cWebBaseContainer_mixin cWebDDOHost_Mixin


This component is positioned as a control, but can be used as a container to put controls in. It has a caption and a border (that can be hidden, see pbShowBorder).

Object oCustomerContainer is a cWebGroup
    Set psCaption to "All Customers:"
    Set piColumnCount to 9
    Set piColumnSpan to 5

    Set Server to oCustomer_DD

    Object oCustomer_Customer_Number is a cWebForm
        Entry_Item Customer.Customer_Number
        Set piColumnSpan to 0
        Set psLabel to "Customer Number:"
        Set peAlign to alignLeft

    //  ....


The example above shows how the group can be used. Note that it has both piColumnCount and piColumnSpan properties, showing that it is both a control and a container.

Drag and Drop Support

This control can be used as a valid drop target by registering it as such in a cWebDragDropHelper object.

The supported actions for this control are:
- C_WebDropOnControl

This allows the control to accept data dragged from elsewhere in the control (if configured that way) and can also be used to accept files when registered within a cWebDragDropFileHelper.