OnRowClick - cWebList

Called when a row is clicked within the list

Type: Event

Parameters: String sRowID Integer iColumnIndex

sRowIDThe RowId of the clicked row
iColumnIndexThe cWebColumn object index

Procedure OnRowClick String sRowID Integer iColumnIndex


This event procedure is called when a row is clicked within the list and pbServerOnRowClick is True.

It is called after the actual row change is performed, which means that, if the row change succeeded, the psCurrentRowID matches the clicked RowId.

In case of a cWebGrid, row changes can fail due to validation issues, so in that case the clicked row can be different. Note that if pbOfflineEditing is True, the buffer will not contain the selected row.

Note that when pressing in a cWebList, OnRowClick fires, but iColumnIndex will be -1. In a cWebGrid, iColumnIndex will be correct, as this class is column aware.

DeserializeRowId deserializes a RowId string into a RowId type and SerializeRowId serializes a RowId type to a string.