LoadGridRow - cWebList

Helper function for manually loading data

Type: Function

Return Data Type: tWebRow

Parameters: None

Return Value

A fully populated Web List row.

Function LoadGridRow Returns tWebRow

Call: Get LoadGridRow to tWebRowVariable


LoadGridRow can be used as a helper function within the OnManualLoadData event handler. Typically, you would use LoadGridRow if you are manually loading the row data of a data-aware grid/list (i.e. peDbGridType = gtManual).

Within OnManualLoadData, you would read each record into the Server DataDictionary, then send LoadGridRow to populate the tWebRow struct with all the relevant column information as defined by each column object. This process will query each columns: data binding, manually calculated value (OnSetCalculatedValue), custom tooltip, and custom CSS class.


The sample below demonstrates how to use LoadGridRow to populate a manually loaded grid that is data-aware (connected to a server data dictionary).

Object oInventoryListView is a cWebView
    Set piColumnCount to 10
    Set piWidth to 700

    Object oInvt_DD is a Invt_DataDictionary

    Set Main_DD To oInvt_DD
    Set Server  To oInvt_DD

    Object oGrid is a cWebGrid 
        Set piHeight to 500
        Set peDbGridType to gtManual
        Object oInvt_Description is a cWebColumn
            Entry_Item Invt.Description
            Set psCaption to "Inventory Item"
            Set piWidth to 75

        Object oInvt_On_Hand is a cWebColumn
            Entry_Item Invt.On_Hand
            Set psCaption to "On Hand"
            Set piWidth to 20

        Object oInvt_Unit_Price is a cWebColumn
            Entry_Item Invt.Unit_Price
            Set psCaption to "Unit Price"
            Set piWidth to 30

        Procedure OnManualLoadData tWebRow[] ByRef aTheRows String ByRef sCurrentRowID  aTheGroups ByRef tWebGroupHeader[][][] ByRef aTheGroupHeaders
            // Loads the first 10 inventory items.
            Handle hoDD
            RowID riRowID 
            String sRowID
            Integer iRow

            // Establish the find ordering and find the first record.
            Move 0 to iRow            
            Get Server to hoDD
            Get ReadDDFirstRecord hoDD 1 False to riRowID

            // Find remaining records....
            While (Found and (iRow < 10))
                // We use the LoadGridRow function to fill the row struct
                // based on the DEO values
                Get LoadGridRow to aTheRows[iRow]
                Increment iRow
                Send Locate_Next to hoDD
            // Set the first row to be the selected row
            If (IsNullRowID(riRowID)) Begin
                Move "" to sCurrentRowID
            Else Begin
                Send FindByRowId of oInvt_DD Invt.File_Number riRowID
                Move (SerializeRowID(riRowID)) to sCurrentRowID

        Procedure OnLoad
            Send GridRefresh

LoadGridRow is particularly useful in this context as it correctly loads all of the row attributes according to each column's properties. If you modify column properties (tooltip or CSS class for example) or you add or remove columns from your grid, you do not need to adjust the code in OnManualLoadData as LoadGridRow is self-adjusting.