DataSetRemoveRow - cWebList

Removes a single row of data from the list

Type: Procedure

Parameters: String sRowId

sRowIdRowId of the row that will be removed

Procedure DataSetRemoveRow String sRowId

Call: Send DataSetRemoveRow sRowId


Send DataSetRemoveRow to remove a single row of data from the list. This will update the user interface if needed.

This method is part of the API for manipulating the data of a manually filled list. You should only use this on a manually loaded list, i.e. where pbDataAware = False or peDbGridType = gtManual.

Since this message is implemented as an asynchronous client action. This means that the row is not removed from the list until after the current server call is completed.

DeserializeRowId deserializes a RowId string into a RowId type and SerializeRowId serializes a RowId type to a string.

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