FindFromBottom - cWebList

Performs a full refresh of the list / grid selecting the last record of the new data set

Type: Procedure

Parameters: None

Procedure FindFromBottom 

Call: Send FindFromBottom


FindFromBottom is meant to be used with data-aware DataDictionary (DD)-based lists and will cause the grid to be refilled starting at the bottom of the list. You would use this when, for example, a constraint changes.

Top (FindFromTop) and Bottom (FindFromBottom) refers to the list/grid itself and not whether the list is using a regular or reversed ordering. While you could accomplish the same thing by sending a clear and a find to your list's Server DataDictionary Object (DDO), these methods are a little easier to use in that they know what index to use and they know if the ordering should be reversed.


// apply a new SQL filter and refresh the list from the top
Procedure OnClick
    String sVal
    WebGet psValue of oFilterCombo to sVal
    WebSet psFilter of oDemoConstrainedGrid to sVal
    WebGet psValue of oFromForm to sVal
    WebSet psFilterFrom of oDemoConstrainedGrid to sVal
    WebGet psValue of oToForm to sVal
    WebSet psFilterTo of oDemoConstrainedGrid to sVal
    Send RebuildAllConstraints of oCustomer_DD

    // after applying the filter, refill the list from the top.
    Send FindFromTop of oList