ProcessDataSet - cWebList

Called to retrieve the entire set of grid data (rows & columns)

Type: Procedure

Parameters: Integer eOperation

eOperationApplication-specific integer parameter

Procedure ProcessDataSet Integer eOperation

Call: Send ProcessDataSet eOperation


When you have a manually loaded grid, there will be occasions where you will need to retrieve the current set of grid data from the client, i.e. the application user has edited the data and you wish to save it or process it in some way.

Send ProcessDataSet to retrieve the entire set of grid data (rows & columns). ProcessDataSet will send a message back to the client requesting that it sends back the grid data. Example:

Object oWebButton1 is a cWebButton
    Set psCaption to "Save Data!"

    Procedure OnClick
        Send ProcessDataSet of oMyGrid 100

The ProcessDataSet method accepts an application-specific integer parameter (eOperation). The value that you pass in this parameter will be returned with the grid's data set. You can then use this value to determine what operation is intended to occur when the data is send back to the server (e.g. save the data, process it, write a log, etc).

When the grid data is returned, the grid's OnProcessDataSet event is fired. This event receives three parameters: The grid data, the eOperation value that was passed to ProcessDataSet (above) and the row number of the currently selected grid row. Each row in the returned grid data will contain the unique row ID that was assigned when the grid was loaded (see Manually Loaded Grids, above).

Implement an OnProcessDataSet event handler to perform the desired action on the returned grid data.