Events for cWebListExpandPanel

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NameDescriptionDefining Class
AllowServerActionProvides a basic hook for controlling server actions based on user rightscWebBaseUIObject
Construct_ObjectObject constructor. Initializes the object during object creation in class definitionscObject
Destroy_ObjectSent when an object is about to be destroyedcObject
End_Construct_ObjectEnd of object constructor.cObject
OnCallEndCalled at the end of a webapp client callcWebObject
OnCloseModalDialogSent by a modal dialog to its invoking object when the dialog closescWebBaseUIObject
OnCollapseFires when a panel collapses
OnExpandFires when a panel expands
OnGetNavigateBackDataCalled during a NavigateClose operation, used to pass data back for a non-relational lookup in a mobile web application (drilldown interface)cWebObject
OnGetNavigateForwardDataCan be used by the developer to customize the data in tWebNavigateData during forward navigation in a mobile web application (drilldown interface)cWebObject
OnLoadCalled for each cWebObject during LoadView or LoadWebAppcWebObject
OnNavigateBackSent to the object that invoked the view that is being closed in a mobile web application (drilldown interface)cWebObject
RefreshEvent sent from a DataDictionary object, which is used to synchronize the object's data with the DDOcWebBaseDEOServer