Class: cWebMenuColumnList

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Web Framework column list menu class



Library: Web Application Class Library

Package: cWebMenuColumnList.pkg


cWebMenuColumnList is a menu item that can show a list of all columns in the web list with a checkbox next to them, indicating to show or hide the column. A column item can be clicked and will result in a toggle of the current state.

The cWebMenuColumnList is shown in the web list's header menu if pbAllowColumnHiding is set to True.

A cWebMenuColumnList can be extended with extra child menu items, but these will only be appended, as the Choose columns and Restore layout will always be at the top.

You must set pbUseCustomHeaderMenu to True in the cWebList/cWebGrid to use a custom menu.

Note that the control can only be used in a cWebContextMenu and only with either the parent or phoControl set to a cWebList-compatible control.


Object oHeaderMenu is a cWebContextMenu
    Set peContext to C_WebUIContextListHead
    Object oColumnList is a cWebMenuColumnList
        Object oExtra1 is a cWebMenuItem
            Set pbBeginGroup to True
            Set psCaption to "Hello"
        Object oExtra2 is a cWebMenuItem
            Set psCaption to "Hello2"


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