Class: cWebMenuFindLast

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The Web Framework menu item class for finding the last record in a view or dialog



Library: Web Application Class Library

Package: cWebMenuFindLast.pkg


The cWebMenuFindLast class is the menu item (cWebMenuItem) subclass for finding the first record (Find_Last) in a view or dialog (cWebView, cWebModalDialog) that uses a data dictionary object (DDO) structure.

cWebMenuFindLast is pre-fabricated to show the appropriate caption, tooltip, bitmap and appearance. The menu item sends Request_Find to the object that has the focus. This object uses its current value and its data binding to determine which table, index and seed value will be used to perform the find.

An object based on this class can be added to any menu or toolbar. See cWebMenuItem for more information.


Object oFindLastMenuItem is a cWebMenuFindLast