Properties for cWebMenuItem

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pbBeginGroup(Client Web Property) Determines whether a group divider is drawn above (or left of) this item
pbServerOnClick(Client Web Property) Determines whether server OnClick event fires
peActionDisplay(Client Web Property) Determines where the menu item will appear
psCaption(Client Web Property) The text displayed on the menu item
psClientOnClick(Client Web Property) Name of client side OnClick event handler
psGroupCaption(Client Web Property) Caption to be displayed if the menu item is the beginning of a new menu group
psImage(Client Web Property) Name of image file that contains the image/icon to be shown in this menu item
psToolTip(Client Web Property) Tooltip that displays on mouse over when class is used as a toolbar button

Inherited Properties from cWebBaseUIObject

pbDragDropEnabled(Client Web Property)
pbEnabled(Client Protected Web Property) Determines whether the control can accept the focus
pbNoAccessibilityCheckControls whether the framework looks at pbRender, pbVisible and pbEnabled of itself or its parents to determine if the control is accessible
pbRender(Client Protected Web Property) Determines whether the control's elements are present in HTML
pbVisible(Client Protected Web Property) Determines whether the control's elements are visible or hidden
psBackgroundColor(Client Web Property) The background color of the web control
psClientOnRender(Client Web Property) Name of the JavaScript function that will execute directly after the UI Object is rendered
psCSSClass(Client Web Property) Determines the CSS class the object uses
psHtmlId(Client Web Property) The object's HTML element Id
psTextColor(Client Web Property) The text color of the web control

Inherited Properties from cWebObject

phoActionJsonDataHandle to a JSON Object representing the action data during a server action
psDynamicObjectIdThe (unique) ID of the dynamic object
psJSClassDetermines which JavaScript class belongs to the DataFlex class

Inherited Properties from cObject

Child_CountReturns the number of child objects the object contains
Delegation_ModeDetermines if and how unknown messages are delegated
NameReturns the full name of the object including parentage
Object_IdReturns the object handle of the object, can be used to determine if an object exists
Object_LabelReturns the short name of an object
ParentReturns the parent of an object
peNeighborhoodDetermines how an object and its descendents participate in object neighborhood referencing