Class: cWebMenuItemLoadView

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Specialized cWebMenuItem class that supports loading of views



Library: Web Application Class Library

Package: cWebMenuItemLoadView.pkg


cWebMenuItemLoadView is a Specialized cWebMenuItem class that supports loading of views.

The cWebMenuItem class is used to construct the items that make up a menu bar or a tool bar. See cWebMenuItem for more about menu items.

Note: The cWebMenuItemLoadView class is only supported in Desktop-style web applications. Mobile/Touch web applications that use the drill-down navigation should use regular cWebMenuItem objects that call the drill down Navigation Interface.

Since menu items are often used to activate a web view or dialog (cWebView or cWebModalDialog), a special property exists to make this easier. Set psLoadViewOnClick to the name of the view or dialog object that you wish to activate when the menu item is selected. E.g.

Object oCustomerItem is a cWebMenuItemLoadView
    Set psCaption to "Customer View"
    Set psLoadViewOnClick to "oCustomerView"

When using the psLoadViewOnClick property, you do not need to write a client or server-side OnClick event handler.