Methods for cWebMultiSelectList

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ClearListSelectionProcedureThis clears the selection on the client
DeleteListSelectionProcedureThis method removes all rows selected from the List
DragDataFunctionReturns selected DragData
DropDataFunctionReturns selected DropData
MultiDeleteConfirmationProcedureCalled when an item is being removed from the list
RequestDeleteExecProcedureThe underlying method of DeleteListSelection

Inherited Methods from cWebList

AllowChangeSelectedRowFunctionTests whether you can move off the selected row to a different row
AppendNewRowProcedureInstructs the client to add a new row to the end of the grid
ApplyColumnLayoutProcedureApplies a column layout
ApplyGroupConfigProcedureApplies a group configuration for automatic grouping
ClearGridProcedureClears the grid rows creating an empty grid
ClearGroupConfigProcedureClears the grouping configuration
ClearSelectedRowFunctionDoes nothing in cWebList
ClientSortableFunctionDetermines whether the list could be sorted on the client
CollapseAllGroupsProcedureCollapses all groups
ColumnCountFunctionReturns the number of columns in the list
DataSetAppendRowProcedureAppends a new row of data to the end of the list
DataSetInsertRowAfterProcedureInserts a new row of data into the list after a specified row
DataSetInsertRowBeforeProcedureInserts a new row of data into the list before a specified row
DataSetRemoveRowProcedureRemoves a single row of data from the list
DataSetUpdateRowProcedureUpdates a single row in the list with new data
ExpandAllGroupsProcedureExpands all groups
FindDDRecordInBufferProcedurePerforms a full refresh of the list and tries to maintain the current record in the DD
FindFromBottomProcedurePerforms a full refresh of the list / grid selecting the last record of the new data set
FindFromTopProcedurePerforms a full refresh of the list / grid selecting the first record of the new data set
GetColumnObjectFunctionReturns the column object handle of the passed column ID
GridRefreshProcedureSend this message to fire an action on the client telling it to refresh the grid (for non-data-aware grids only)
HandleCacheErrorProcedureCalled when the grid cannot find a cached record on the back end
IndexOrderFunctionReturns the database index number currently used to sort the rows of a data-aware grid or list
InsertNewRowProcedureInstructs the client to insert a new row above the current row of the grid
LoadDataPageProcedureSent by the client to load a page of data
LoadGridRowFunctionHelper function for manually loading data
MoveDownRowProcedureInstructs the client to move the current row down one row
MovePageDownProcedureInstructs the client to move the current row down one page
MovePageUpProcedureInstructs the client to move the current row up one page
MoveToFirstRowProcedureInstructs the client to navigate to the first row
MoveToLastRowProcedureInstructs the client to navigate to the last row
MoveToRowProcedureInstructs the client to navigate to the row matching the passed row index
MoveToRowByIDProcedureInstructs the client to navigate to the row matching the passed RowID
MoveUpRowProcedureInstructs the client to move the current row up one row
ProcessDataSetProcedureCalled to retrieve the entire set of grid data (rows & columns)
ReadingServerFunctionReturns the actual Server DDO used by the list
RefreshListFromDDProcedureRefreshes a data-aware grid around the current record in the server Data Dictionary
RemoveRowProcedureInstructs the client to remove the specified row at the client
ReportCacheErrorProcedureCalled when a cache error should be reported
Request_ClearProcedureAttempts to clear changes in a row
Request_DeleteProcedureAttempts to delete the current row
Request_SaveProcedureAttempts to save changes in the current row
ResetColumnLayoutProcedureResets the column layout to the original design time layout
SaveSelectedRowFunctionDoes nothing in cWebList
ScrollToColumnObjectProcedureScrolls a column into the view by scrolling horizontally
SearchProcedureSends the showSearch client action to the client
SelectBestColumnFunctionFinds the best column for the passed table and column number

Inherited Methods from cWebBaseControl

HideInfoBalloonProcedureHides an information balloon
ShowInfoBalloonProcedureDisplays an information balloon

Inherited Methods from cWebBaseDEOServer

DataLossConfirmationProcedureDefault data loss Yes/No confirmation message
DDRefreshTableStatusFunctionReturns the table's status for the Refresh event
DeleteConfirmationProcedureDefault delete confirmation message
DEO_Control_ObjectFunctionIndicates if this DEO is a data bindable control or container
DEO_Find_ObjectFunctionIndicates that this DEO understands the DEO Request_Find protocol
Request_Clear_AllProcedurePerforms a DD Clear_All operation
RequestClearAllExecProcedurePerforms the second half of a DD Clear_All operation which was started by Request_Clear_All
RequestClearExecProcedurePerforms the second half of a DD Clear operation which was started by Request_Clear
RequestSaveExecProcedurePerforms the second half of a DD save operation which was started by Request_Save
SaveClearCancelConfirmationProcedureDefault save, clear, cancel Yes/No/Cancel confirmation message
SaveConfirmationProcedureDefault save confirmation message
ServerDEOFunctionReturns the DEO that sets the server

Inherited Methods from cWebBaseUIObject

AddKeyHandlerProcedureAdds a client side key handler
ConditionalFocusProcedureGives the control the focus but only if the browser platform is not a mobile device (tablet / phone)
FocusProcedureGives the control the focus
IsControlAccessibleFunctionDetermines if the control is currently accessible
IsControlEnabledFunctionDetermines if a control is enabled
IsControlRenderedFunctionDetermines if a control is rendered
IsControlVisibleFunctionDetermines if a control is visible
RemoveKeyHandlerProcedureRemoves a client side key handler
ScrollIntoViewProcedureScrolls an object that is currently scrolled out of the view into view

Inherited Methods from cWebObject

CallBackProcedureUse this procedure to delay a task to a new server round-trip
ClientActionProcedureCalls a function of the client JavaScript object
ClientActionExProcedureAdds a client action to the response that will be executed on the client
DEO_ObjectFunctionDetermines if the object understands the DEO interface
HostFunctionReturns a Handle to the Host object of this web object
InitDynamicPropProcedureSets a dynamic property value
IsDynamicObjectFunctionChecks whether the object is dynamic or not
IsLoadedFunctionChecks if the webobject is loaded to the client
NavigateInfoFunctionReturns array of navigation paths that the current object has registered
NavigatePathProcedurePerforms the navigation registered for this web object
ptActionDataFunctionRetrieves the action data for a server action as value tree
SetActionModeProcedureAllows developer to configure a wait dialog for every server-action
UnSyncWebPropertyProcedureUnsynchronizes a client web property
WebMethodByNameFunctionSearches for the message handle of a message based on the name of a web method
WebMethodIsFunctionFunctionDetermines if a web method is a function or a procedure
WebMethodNameFunctionConverts the message handle of a web method into a string
WebObjectByNameFunctionSearches for the object handle of a web object using its public name
WebObjectNameFunctionThe public web object name of this object

Inherited Methods from cObject

ChildByIndexFunctionCan be used to iterate the direct children of an object
ClassSuperClassFunctionReturns the superclass of the passed class
CreateFunctionCreates an object based on the passed Class Id
CreateNamedFunctionCreates an object based on the passed Class Id and assigns it a name Name based on a passed name
DestroyProcedureDestroys the object that receives the message and any child objects of that object
Exit_ApplicationProcedureStarts the process of closing an application
IsClassOfClassFunctionDetermines whether the target class is part of the searched class's hierarchy
IsObjectOfClassFunctionDetermines whether the passed class is part of the object's class hierarchy
ObjectClassFunctionReturns the integer class ID assigned to the class this object is based on
Request_Destroy_ObjectProcedureUse the Destroy method instead [Obsolete]