NamedValueRemove - cWebObject

Removes a value for the passed name of a tNameValuePair array that is part of tWebNavigateData during navigation in a mobile web application (drilldown interface)

Type: Function

Return Data Type: tNameValuePair

Parameters: tNameValuePair[] Data String sName

DataAn array of tNameValuePair data that will be searched. Usually the tWebNavigateData.NamedValue member.
sNameThe name that will be searched for and removed.

Return Value

Returns an array of tNameValuePair data with the name/value pair item removed. If the value was not found, the passed and returned array will be the same.

Function NamedValueRemove tNameValuePair[] Data String sName Returns tNameValuePair[]

Call: Get NamedValueRemove Data sName to tNameValuePairArrayVariable


NamedValueRemove is used to remove retrieve the value for a named pair during forward and back navigation in a mobile web application (drilldown interface).

It performs a case-insensitive search for the passed name. If a match is found, the function will remove this from the tNameValuePair array. The new array is returned.

Get NamedValueRemove NavigateData.NamedValues "InvtHeader" to NavigateData.NamedValues

The tNameValuePair array in the NamedValues member is cleared each time a forward navigation starts. Therefore, you don't normally need to remove values from the NamedValues array.

See Also

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