InitDynamicProp - cWebObject

Sets a dynamic property value

Type: Procedure

Parameters: String sPropName Variant vPropValue

sPropNameProperty name
vPropValueProperty value

Procedure InitDynamicProp String sPropName Variant vPropValue

Call: Send InitDynamicProp sPropName vPropValue


Sets a dynamic property value.


This sample demonstrates how to create two buttons based on the same subclass, but with different captions. Both buttons will be created from the class definition cMyWebButton we created earlier, but their properties will differ.

Get CreateDynamicObject of oContainer (RefClass(cWebGroup)) "oGroup1" "" to hoGroup1
Send InitDynamicProp of hoGroup1 "piColumnCount" 8
Get CreateDynamicObject of oContainer (RefClass(cMyWebButton)) "oButton1" "" to hoButton1
Send InitDynamicProp of hoButton1 "psCaption" "Button 1"
Get CreateDynamicObject of oContainer (RefClass(cMyWebButton)) "oButton2" "" to hoButton2
Send InitDynamicProp of hoButton2 "psCaption" "Button 2"