psJSClass - cWebObject

Determines which JavaScript class belongs to the DataFlex class

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: String

Parameters: None

 Property String psJSClass

Read Access: Get psJSClass to StringVariable
Write Access: Set psJSClass to StringVariable/Value


Each control class on the server has a client-side JavaScript class that implements its user interface. psJSClass determines which client-side JavaScript class belongs to the DataFlex class.

When subclassing the server-side DataFlex class, the developer can customize by changing the existing property values and overriding / augmenting the available methods. This will provide limited customization properties but doesn't provide the ability to add user interface features. To add features to the user interface it is required to subclass the client-side JavaScript class as well. When doing this, the psJSClass needs to be updated with the name of the new client-side class.

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