pbDocumentStyle - cWebService

Determines if a Web Service should use Document or RPC style

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Boolean

Parameters: None

 Property Boolean pbDocumentStyle

Read Access: Get pbDocumentStyle to BooleanVariable
Write Access: Set pbDocumentStyle to BooleanVariable/Value


A web-service's style can be Document or RPC. The default for web services is document (pbDocumentStyle=True).

We recommend that you always create document style web-services as it is the more flexible and better defined SOAP style. Anything you can do with RPC style, you can do with Document style. You may wish to make a service RPC if your web-service client is old and therefore is not able to handle document style services.

Note:When pbDocumentStyle is to false (RPC) the web service cannot use struct, array or XmlHandle data types.

Note:Do not confuse the SOAP terms document and RPC with the conceptual terms document and RPC (remote procedure call). Although most web-services are accessed as remote procedures you can use the Document style to access these remote procedures. The RPC SOAP Style is an older style than Document Style. Both styles can be used to access remote procedures.