psServiceName - cWebService

Determines the service name

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: String

Parameters: None

 Property String psServiceName

Read Access: Get psServiceName to StringVariable
Write Access: Set psServiceName to StringVariable/Value


The psServiceName property determines the name of your service. This name uniquely identifies the service within your application and is used by clients to access the service.

For example, if the name of your service was "HelloService" in an application whose virtual directory was http://localhost/MyApplication the service would be accessed with the URL http://localhost/MyApplication/HelloService.wso. The name is set with the psServiceName property in the Studio's property page. The default name is tempService, which you will want to change this.

The psServiceName also determins the WSDL's service name. This name is usually used by web-service clients to provide a class name for the service. For example, when DataFlex creates a client web-service class based on a WSDL it will thake this service name and create a class name by adding the prefix "cWS" so that "HelloService" will become "cWSHelloService".

Important: You must remember to set this property. If you do not, the name will remain TempService. If you create multiple web-service objects in an application all of your services will have the same name. When this happens you will only be able to access one service.