CreateSession - cWebSessionManagerStandard

Sent when a new session is being created

Type: Function

Return Data Type: String

Parameters: String sRemoteAddress

sRemoteAddressThe client's IP address

Return Value

A session ID string

Function CreateSession String sRemoteAddress Returns String

Call: Get CreateSession sRemoteAddress to StringVariable


CreateSession creates a new session. It creates a new session key and saves a new session record consisting of the session key, the sRemoteAddress and an active session flag. It returns the unique session key, which is stored at the client. Each subsequent server call from this client will be accompanied by this session key.

Session keys are stored on the client using a session cookie and will accompany each call to your WebApp from the client's browser until the browser is closed.

The generated session key and client address are stored in the WebAppSession table. This data will be used in subsequent calls from the client to validate the session key of the incoming call.

Augment the CreateSession method to perform additional tasks whenever a new client session is created.

Note that when testing on your localhost, you'll see "::1" in sRemoteAddress, which basically means localhost.