Properties for cWebSessionManagerStandard

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phoSessionDDContains the object handle of the view's cWebAppSessionDataDictionary object
phoUserDDContains the object handle of the view's cWebAppUserDataDictionary object
piUserRightsDetermines the rights for this user
psLoginNameDetermines the login name for this user
psUserNameDetermines the user name for this user

Inherited Properties from cWebSessionManager

pbSessionCookieHttpOnlyDetermines if the session cookie is flagged as an HttpOnly cookie or not
pbSessionCookieSecureDetermines if the session cookie is flagged as a Secure cookie or not
piSessionCookieTimeoutThe number of hours for the session cookie to expire
piSessionTimeoutThe number of minutes before a session expires
psSessionCookieDomainCan be used to change the domain for which the session cookie is set
psSessionCookieNameDetermines the name of the cookie used to read and write the session key
psSessionCookiePathDetermines the path for the cookie storing the session key
psSessionCookieSameSiteDetermines the SameSite attribute of the session cookie
psSessionKeyThe session key of the currently connected client

Inherited Properties from cBaseWebComponent

Main_DDIdentifies the DataDictionary object that controls the database file, the data from which is central to this object's function

Inherited Properties from cObject

Child_CountReturns the number of child objects the object contains
Delegation_ModeDetermines if and how unknown messages are delegated
NameReturns the full name of the object including parentage
Object_IdReturns the object handle of the object, can be used to determine if an object exists
Object_LabelReturns the short name of an object
ParentReturns the parent of an object
peNeighborhoodDetermines how an object and its descendents participate in object neighborhood referencing