peWebViewStyle - cWebView

Determines if this a desktop or mobile (drilldown) style view

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Integer

Parameters: None

 Property Integer peWebViewStyle

Read Access: Get peWebViewStyle to IntegerVariable
Write Access: Set peWebViewStyle to IntegerVariable/Value


peWebViewStyle determines if a view is a desktop style or mobile (drilldown) style view - wvsDesktop or wvsDrillDown.

Valid values are:

wvsDesktopView is a desktop style web application
wvsDrillDownView is a drilldown style web application most often associated with mobile web applications

Normally, all views in your web application will be one style or the other. The property value can be assigned automatically when the view is created. It will be based on its parent cWebApp object's peApplicationStyle property. You can also assign this manually in your object. You might do that to make the view's purpose clear.

You only need to explicitly set this value if your application has a mix of desktop and drilldown style views. This might happen when a single application is being used to handle desktop and mobile needs.

The framework counts on this property being set correctly. If you attempt to use a desktop view in a mobile context (i.e., an application with a breadcrumb stack that uses forward and backwards navigation) your application will not run properly.

Note that a mobile style application that employs drilldown views and is responsive can and will be used on desktop browsers, as well as tablet and mobile devices. This allows you to have a single application and a single set of web views that can be used on all browser platforms. Attempting to use desktop style applications on tablets and mobile devices will be less successful due primarily of the limitations of tablet/mobile browsers.