Properties for cWebView2Browser

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Enabled_StateIndicates whether the control can respond to user interaction
pbAreBrowserAcceleratorKeysEnabledControls whether the browser accelerator keys are being processed
pbAreDefaultContextMenusEnabledControls whether the default browser context menu is being shown
pbAreDefaultScriptDialogsEnabledControls whether the browser will show default script dialogs {e.g. alert & confirm)
pbAreDevToolsEnabledControls whether the browser will allow the developer tools to be opened using the default methods
pbAreHostObjectsAllowedDetermines whether host objects are accessible from the page in WebView
pbBorderVisibleDetermines whether a border is shown around the WebView control
pbCanGoBackControls whether the browser will allow the user to navigate to a previous page in history using accelerator keys or the mouse
pbCanGoForwardControls whether the browser will allow the user to navigate to a next page in history using accelerator keys or the mouse
pbIsBuiltInErrorPageEnabledDetermines whether default browser error pages for navigation and render process failure are shown
pbIsScriptEnabledControls whether scripts within the loaded content are executed or not
pbIsStatusBarEnabledControls whether the status bar is shown by the browser control
pbIsWebMessageEnabledUse this property to disable communication using WebMessages between the DataFlex host application and the HTML document
pbIsZoomControlEnabledDetermines whether the user can change the zoom level of the page using accelerator keys or the mouse
pePopupModeDetermines if/how popups requested by the page are being displayed
piBackColorDetermines the default background color visible if no content is loaded in the control
piBorderColorDetermines the color of the border shown around the WebView control
piBorderWidthDeterines the width of the border shown around the WebView control
piBrowserProcessIdUse this read-only property to determine process ID (PID) of the browser process that hosts the WebView
prZoomFactorDetermines the zoom factor used to display the current document
psDocumentTitleUse this read-only property to get the title of the current document
psLocationURLUse this property to query the URL of the currently displayed page
psUserAgentUse this property to query the user agent string or to override the default user agent string
psUserDataFolderUse this property to query or to override the user data folder used by the current WebView2 instance

Inherited Properties from cComWebView2Ctrl


Inherited Properties from cComActiveXControl

ControlValueUsed as a hook to link a property in the ActiveX control with the Value Property
Explicit_Shadow_StateIndicates if an object is contextually shadowed by an ancestor
Help_IdUsed to specify an object's context ID
Help_KeywordUsed to specify an object's context keyword
Item_Shadow_StateDetermines if an object's item is enabled or disabled
LabelSets the text for a label or heading for an entry control object
Label_Col_OffsetThe horizontal distance from the object to its label
Label_ColorThe background color of the object's label
Label_FontItalicsDetermines whether the object's label text is italicized
Label_FontPointHeightRepresents the height of a label object in points.
Label_FontSizeThe font size of the object's label
Label_FontUnderlineDetermines whether the object's label text is underlined
Label_FontWeightThe font weight of the object's label
Label_Justification_ModeThe justification mode for the text within this object's label
Label_ObjectReturns the object handle to the object's label
Label_OffsetReturns both the Label_Row_Offset and the Label_Col_Offset
Label_Row_OffsetThe vertical distance from the top edge of the object and its label
Label_TextColorThe text color of the object's label
Label_TypeFaceThe type face of the object's label
Object_Shadow_StateReplaced by enabled_state, whose boolean logic is the inverse of this property's
pbBindValueControls whether an ActiveX's bindable property is bound to the Value property
psHtmlHelpTopicHtml help page name (e.g. reporting.htm) and optional bookmark. Can be used to locate the proper contextual help page.
Status_HelpDetermines the status text that will be displayed when this object takes the focus
Use_Parent_Status_HelpDetermines if parent's status help is used when object status help is empty
ValueSets or returns content of control or item

Inherited Properties from DfInPlaceComObject

peAutoCreateManipulates COM Object instantiation
psLicenseKeyContains the license key when ActiveX controls use a run-time license
psProgIDHolds the CLSID (class ID) of the COM class represented
pvComObjectReturns an IDispatch pointer to the external COM object

Inherited Properties from DfComUIObject

Absolute_GuiOriginReturns the screen coordinates of the top left corner of a DataFlex object
Border_StyleSpecifies the border style of this object
ColorThe background color of the object
Container_HandleReturns the Windows window handle of the DataFlex object's container
Mouse_CaptureCauses all DataFlex mouse events to be sent to the object that captures the mouse
peAnchorsDescribes how you want the control to react whenever its container changes size
piMaxSizeDetermines the limit of the maximum size that a Component can be
piMinSizeDetermines the limit of the minimum size that a Component can be
TextColorThe text color of the object
Window_HandleReturns the Windows window handle of the DataFlex object
Windows_Override_StateAllows DataFlex to stop the default windows behavior for mouse and keyboard messages

Inherited Properties from cUIObject

Active_StateIndicates whether or not the object is activated
Attach_Parent_StateDetermines whether an object that is activated will be added to the next level of the current focus (false) or the next level of its parent (true)
Block_Mouse_StateDetermines whether or not the use of the mouse is restricted
Client_Area_StateDetermines if object is a user interface container for children
ContainsFocusDetermines if the container contains the focus
Current_ScopeReturns the object_id of the currently active scoping object
Dynamic_Update_StateDetermines whether or not the image of an object that can be seen will be updated when a change to the object occurs
Entry_msgHook sent whenever the object is about to receive the focus
Error_TextGets the text from FLEXERRS.DAT that corresponds to the passed error number
Error_Text_AvailableDetermines if Error Text is available for this error number
Exit_msgHook sent whenever the object is about to lose the focus
Find_ScopeReturns the scoping object of the current object
FocusReturns the ID of the object that currently has the focus
Focus_ModeDetermines the conditions under which the object will take the focus
Key_PathDetermines the delegation path for on_key key assignments
Last_ChildReturns the Object_Id of the last focus child
LocationDetermines the position of the upper left pixel of the object's window
Module_NameObsolete Assists in the process of locating context-sensitive help information
Next_FocusReturns the object that is positioned in the focus tree as the next object at the same level as this object
Next_LevelReturns the object that is positioned in the focus tree as the first object in the next level
Next_ScopeReturns the object that is the next_scope object of the current scope
Popup_StateDetermines whether the object should respond to the standard Activate message, or via the Popup message
Prior_FocusReturns the object that is positioned in the focus tree as the prior object at the same level as this object
Prior_LevelReturns the object that is the root of this object's level in the focus tree
Prior_ScopeReturns the object that is the prior_scope object of the current scope
Ring_StateDetermines whether or not the objects added into the next level of this object are to act as a ring
RingParentReturns the object handle of the object that is its ring parent
Scope_FocusA property of scope objects in the focus tree
Scope_StateDetermines whether the objects at the next level of this object and beyond, are to be scoped by this object
Search_CaseDetermines whether searches performed are case-sensitive or not
SizeDetermines the size of a window in dialog units
Skip_StateDetermines whether or not the switch and switch_back messages skip over this object during focus movement
Visible_StateDetermines whether object is visible

Inherited Properties from cObject

Child_CountReturns the number of child objects the object contains
Delegation_ModeDetermines if and how unknown messages are delegated
NameReturns the full name of the object including parentage
Object_IdReturns the object handle of the object, can be used to determine if an object exists
Object_LabelReturns the short name of an object
ParentReturns the parent of an object
peNeighborhoodDetermines how an object and its descendents participate in object neighborhood referencing