ViewStackSize - cWebViewStack

Returns the total number of views currently in the view stack

Type: Function

Return Data Type: Integer

Parameters: None

Return Value

Function ViewStackSize Returns Integer

Call: Get ViewStackSize to IntegerVariable


Call this function to read the total number of views (cWebView) in the view stack of the client that is currently calling the server.

You might use this value to modify parts of your application, depending on how many views are in the stack. For example, you might decide to hide the breadcrumb control (cWebBreadcrumb) when there is only one view in the view stack.

You should only get this function during a call from client to server, as this method is dependent on web properties belonging to the client. If in doubt, then you should use the AppSynching function to determine if it is safe.

Get AppSynching of ghoWebApp to bSynching
If (not(bSynching)) Begin
    Get ViewStackSize of ghoWebViewStack to iStackSize