AddClient - cWebViewStack

Adds a new client object to the set of view stack listener objects

Type: Procedure

Parameters: Handle hoClient

hoClientObject handle of the listener object being added

Procedure AddClient Handle hoClient

Call: Send AddClient hoClient


Whenever a view (cWebView) is added to or removed from the view stack, the view stack object will send a notification to all of its listeners. The listener object will usually respond to the notification by updating itself to reflect the new state of the view stack.

To add an object to the set of view stack listener objects, you should send AddClient to the view stack and pass the object handle of the object that will become a listener.

Each listener object will receive the OnUpdateViewStack event whenever the view stack is modified.

Breadcrumb objects (cWebBreadcrumb) are view stack listeners and use the OnUpdateViewStack event to update the breadcrumb.