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Mobile/Touch Web Framework drilldown navigation view stack



Library: Web Application Class Library

Package: cWebViewStack.pkg


The mobile/touch application style uses a drilldown interface. You "drill down" by navigating forward from one view to another view (cWebView). As you navigate forward, each view is added to a view stack that is represented visually by a "breadcrumb" (cWebBreadcrumb) control.

The view stack stores information about each view that is navigated to. When the user drills down by navigating to another view, this information is passed to the new view and that view is added to the stack.

Users can also go back to a previous view in the stack. This is usually done by clicking on a link to the view in the applications breadcrumb object. When navigating backwards, all views are popped off the stack up to the view being navigated to.

Use of this object is highly automated. Normally you need only declare a cWebViewStack object and it will perform all of your application's view stack services automatically.

Use the ghoWebViewStack global object handle when you need to access the view stack object directly.

How the View Stack is used by your Application

The view stack object performs the following roles:
1. It records the navigation path taken by the user while "drilling down" into a task.
2. It stores information about states of each view in the stack that is important to views above it in the view stack. For example, if the user selects a customer in one view, then this is stored and passed to the next view navigated to.
3. It is used by breadcrumb objects to visually represent the breadcrumb trail of views navigated to.
4. It performs navigate back services when the application needs to return to a previous view in the stack.


To build a web application using the mobile/touch style you must set up your global cWebApp object as follows:

If you build your web application using the mobile/touch wizard then this is done for you automatically.
This sample demonstrates a minimal mobile/touch cWebApp object declaration containing a single viewstack.

Object oWebApp is a cWebApp
    Set psTheme to "Df_Flat_Touch"
    Set peAlignView to alignCenter
    Set peApplicationStyle to wvsDrillDown    

    Object oViewStack is a cWebViewStack
        // use ghoWebViewStack to reference this object

For more information, refer to Understanding the Drilldown Interface and Understanding Navigation

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