Class: cXMLDOMComment

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XML class for handling Comment nodes



Library: Common (Windows and Web Application) Class Library

Package: Flexml.pkg

Mixins: cXMLDOMNodeMixin cXMLDOMMixin


The comment field is entirely ignored by the parser. It is essentially character data, but its context in the document is unique - it has no semantic or syntactic value, only documentation value. No methods or properties distinguish it from a BaseXmlDomCharacterData node.

Note:The content refers to all characters between the starting . This object has no unique properties or methods of its own, but exposes the same objects and properties as objects of the BaseXmlDomCharacterDataBaseXmlDomCharacterData class.

Using the XML Classes

The cXmlDomDocument class is the starting point for most XML processing. Refer to the cXmlDomDocument class for more information about the XML Document Object Model (DOM) and using XML within DataFlex. Samples are provided in this section.

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