AttributeValueNodeNS - cXMLDOMDocument

Returns the object handle of an atttribute node whose NamespaceURI and BaseName matches the passed values

Type: Function

Return Data Type: Handle

Parameters: string sNameSpace string sBaseName

sNamespace Namespace-URI string (e.g.
sBaseName Name of attribute excluding the prefix

Return Value

Returns the object handle of the attribute node whose NamespaceURI and BaseName matches the passed values. Returns zero if no match is found.

Function AttributeValueNodeNS string sNameSpace string sBaseName Returns Handle

Call: Get AttributeValueNodeNS sNameSpace sBaseName to HandleVariable


AttributeValueNodeNS is used to get the attribute node in an element node that matches the passed NamespaceURI and BaseName. Normally, you never need to return an attribute node. If you just need to get the attribute value use the AttributeValueNS method.

Attributes and Namespaces

This message creates a node and a document that is namespace aware. This requires that you always pass a NameSpaceURI.

See Also

AttributeValueNode | AttributeValueNS | AddAttributeNS