LoadXML - cXMLDOMDocument

Loads an XML document from a string

Type: Function

Return Data Type: Integer

Parameters: String sXMLText

sXMLTextAn XML document represented as a string

Return Value

Returns True if document is properly loaded, False if an error occurred

Function LoadXML String sXMLText Returns Integer

Call: Get LoadXML sXMLText to IntegerVariable


The LoadXML method loads an XML document from a passed string.

// create XML document and load it with passed string.
// If ok, return new XML object handle, else return 0
Function LoadMyDoc string sXML Returns Handle
    handle hoXML
    boolean bOk

    Get Create U_cXMLDOMDocument to hoXML
    Get LoadXml of hoXML sXML to bOK
    If not (bOK) begin
        Send Destroy of hoXML
        Move 0 to hoXML
    Function_Return hoXML

If you need to load a very large document, one that larger than the allowed maximum string size, you can use the LoadXMLFromAddress method.

An XML document may be loaded from a URL or disk using the LoadXMLDocument method.

An XML document may be moved to a string using the psXML property.

See Also

LoadXMLFromAddress | LoadXMLDocument | | SaveXMLDocument | psXMl | paXML