LoadXMLFromAddress - cXMLDOMDocument

Loads an XML document from data pointed to by address

Type: Function

Return Data Type: Integer

Parameters: Address aAddress

aAddressAn XML string pointed to by an address

Return Value

Returns True if document is properly loaded, False if an error occurred

Function LoadXMLFromAddress Address aAddress Returns Integer

Call: Get LoadXMLFromAddress aAddress to IntegerVariable


LoadXML loads an XML document from a memory area pointed to by the passed address. This is similar to the LoadXML method except the data is loaded from a memory area and not a passed string. It is, therefore, not limited to a maximum string size.

// create XML document and load it with passed string.
// If ok, return new XML object handle, else return 0
Function LoadMyDoc address aXML Returns Handle
    handle hoXML
    boolean bOk

    Get Create U_cXMLDOMDocument to hoXML
    Get LoadXMLFromAddress of hoXML aXML to bOK
    If not bOK Begin
        Send Destroy of hoXML
        Move 0 to hoXML
    Function_Return hoXML

If you need to load smaller documents, you may find the LoadXML method easier to use.

An XML document may be loaded from a URL or disk using the LoadXMLDocument method.

An XML document may be moved to a memory area pointed to by an address using the paXML property.

See Also

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