RemoveNode - cXMLDOMDocument

Removes a node

Type: Function

Return Data Type: Handle

Parameters: Handle hoNode

hoNodeObject Handle of node to remove

Return Value

Returns the object handle of the node that was removed, zero if failure

Function RemoveNode Handle hoNode Returns Handle

Call: Get RemoveNode hoNode to HandleVariable


RemoveNode removes a node. The object handle of the node to be removed must be passed and the message must be sent to the parent of the node to be removed.

An object handle is returned, and the object must be disposed of by sending the Destroy message to it.

Get RemoveNode of hoParentNode hoNodeToRemove to hoRemoved
Send destroy of hoRemoved

Note:This function returns an XML node object and, like all XML node objects, it is the responsibility of the developer to destroy them when they are no longer needed. The reason IDs are returned and not automatically destroyed is that it gives you the ability to do something else with the node.