SaveXMLDocument - cXMLDOMDocument

Saves an XML Document

Type: Function

Return Data Type: Integer

Parameters: None

Return Value

Returns 0 if successful, non-zero if an error ocurred.

Function SaveXMLDocument Returns Integer

Call: Get SaveXMLDocument to IntegerVariable


SaveXMLDocument saves an XML Document using the named supplied by the psDocumentName property.

XML documents may be loaded using the LoadXmlDocument method.

// create the xml document object
Object oXML is a cXmlDomDocument

// set the document name and load it
Set psDocumentName of oXML to "http://localhost/xml/customer.xml"
Get LoadXmlDocument of oXML to iOk

// Do Stuff
Send ProcessThisObject 

// Save XML document with a new name
Set psDocumentName of oXML to ".\MyXmlDocs\NewCustomer.xml"
Get SaveXmlDocument of oXML to iError

// destroy the XML object
Send Destroy of oXML

The value of psDocumentName MUST be a FILENAME when used with SaveXMLDocument.

An XML document may be copied to a string using the psXML property.
An XML document may be copied to a memory heap pointed to by an address using the paXML property.

See Also

psDocumentName | psXml | paXml | LoadXMLDocument